Centauri PMC confiscates Caterpillar from Pirates

The Centauri Agency announced yesterday that it’s PMC (Private Military Company) led by Sgt. Applesauce completed a successful boarding and confiscation of a Caterpillar from pirates in the Bremen system.  “We were alerted that there were pirates in the area’s shipping lanes so we took decisive action,” Sgt. Applesauce stated.

The origins of the Caterpillar is unknown as all shipping manifests have been wiped and the ship had been repainted by the pirates.  PMC has stated that they plan to outfit the ship while maintaining the pirate exterior appearance. “Not only will this ship add to our cargo expansion, but we can use this for other activities such as undercover operations,” Sgt. Applesauce maintains.  “This was really a great find for Centauri with another successful operation to protect our fleet.”

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