If it CAN be done, we WILL do it!

Welcome to the Centauri Agency.

Looking to the future, Centauri is expanding our coverage in the verse. Under the brand of the Centauri Agency, we have new divisions within our focus of:
* Logistics/ Smuggling
* Ship Reclamation
* Private Military Company Requests
* Exploration
* Research and Development
* Mining/Resource Procurement
* Freelancing
The face of our agency is what we put forward and the underbelly is what will keep business going.
Join us on expanding our operational areas and get in early on the formation. We are always looking for more members whether you are looking for a ship to serve on or wish to include yours in fleet operations. Members will be able to form their own sub groups with in Centauri Agency with full access to our Discord channel, Forums, and our website.
Groups can form sub voice and chat channels to assist them with their goals of operational status. Affiliates will have access to serve on any of the fleet ships with limited access to voice and forums.
Our Current fleet of ships includes
MISC Endeavor
Esperia Prowler
Anvil Carrack
Banu Merchantman
Drake Caterpillar
Vanguard Hoplite
Anvil Terrapin
Aegis Sabre Comet
MISC Freelancer
Drake Herald
Aegis Gladius Valiant
Aegis Gladius
Aegis Avenger Titan Renegade
MISC Reliant Sen
Consolidated Mustang Alpha
RSI Aurora MR
Drake Dragonfly
Origin 85x
We are setting up a Calendar of events for members to join in on as Free Flight Night, Star Marine day, etc.  Future plans also include org giveaways, merchandise, etc.