Centauri Agency Timeline

2691- The Intergalactic Freight and Cargo Association (TIFCA) was formed- Due to the numerous attacks from the Vanduul, the Imperator called upon the Senate to pass the Military Shipping Protection (MSP) Act, which called for another military expansion to be stationed among the major shipping lanes of the UEE. The Senators from Terra voted against the MSP decrying it as another attempt for the military regime to spend more of the Empire’s economic resources while the pro-military Senators supported the act. To pass the act, the pro-military caucus of the Senators reached out to independent senators and agreed to put in a resolution for the Freight and Cargo companies to pay tariffs on all intergalactic shipped cargo. In response to the resolution, the freight and cargo companies in the UEE agreed to form the TIFCA to centralize and strengthen their influence in the Senate. Their first act was to threaten an Empire wide shutdown of the transports of cargo and that would cripple the UEE economy. The MSP was easily defeated giving the TIFCA its first political win. The defeat of the bill was the first public sign that the pro-military regime was beginning to wane.

2795-TIFCA supports the Fair Chance Act- After the humiliating evidence behind the terraforming accident of Garron II and the potential lawsuits that could come with those involved, TIFCA openly announces that it supports the Fair Chance Act and will not do business with terraforming companies until the act is passed. Imperator Erin Toi publicly praises the TICA for its moral stance. The Fair Chance Act is passed shortly after the announcement.

2882-TIFCA negotiates new contract with UEE With increasing dangers of pirate attacks and geo-terrorists with the SynthWorld Project, TIFCA surprises the Empire by acting upon its past threats with a complete shutdown of operations to renegotiate a new contract with the UEE. The shutdown lasted 8 weeks putting the SynthWorld project back more than a year. Inflation jumped sharply on all food and goods across the galaxy putting more pressure on the Empire. The Imperator threatened to arrest TIFCA leaders which made him even more unpopular. The Empire succumbed and negotiated a new contract to the demands of TIFCA.

2895-Jebediah Dex was born.

2923-Jebediah Dex was voted in as Senator- Jebediah Dex, a wealthy business owner from Earth was voted in as part of the election wave of pro-Earth candidates that promised a populist message of reigning in the spending of SynthWorld and to promote better opportunities and the rebuilding of a weak economy. At 28 years of age, he is the youngest Senator.

2933-Jebediah Dex becomes Centralist Party Leader-Jebediah Dex is elected Centralist Party leader at the age of 38.

2935-Jebediah Dex declares he will not seek a 4th term- The political arena is shocked as Jebediah Dex decides he is not seeking a 4th term and has resigned as Centralist Party leader. Many pundits questioned if this is a prelude to a upcoming scandal.

2938-Birth of Centauri Agency- A month after the end of his third term in Senate, Jebediah Dex pulls off what business reporters dubbed the “Midnight Takeover” and completes not one but two corporate takeovers. The first takeover was of the professional security company, Gemini ©. The second takeover thirty minutes later was of the freight company, Targos LTD. The following morning a smiling Jebediah Dex announced that the two companies would merge to become the Centauri Agency. TIFCA applauds the move as it thinks the addition of a popular ex-Senator would strengthen its influence.

2940-Centauri Agency officially breaks away fromTIFCA Citing reasons that would restrict growth and prosperity for the Centauri Agency, Jebediah Dex shocks the business world and announces the formal separation of the company from TIFCA becoming the first company to do so in its almost 300 year history. Business analysts declare the move as career suicide for Dex and Centauri. Centauri stock drops 15% after the announcement.

2942-Centauri Agency signs new 10 year contract with UEE The latest contract agreement between the UEE and TIFCA is set to expire and renewal talks have stalled. Centauri Agency offered a friendlier agreement with the added advantage that their fleet has dramatically thwarted more attacks than their competitors in TIFCA thanks to their security advantage and their proprietary communications array that lets them know when attackers are entering their quandrant giving their fleet more time to protect themselves. TIFCA balks at this technology, and challenges Centauri to release their technology. Centauri claims private industry privilege. UEE ends up awarding the new contract to Centauri weakening the once powerful TIFCA. TIFCA calls for a Senate investigation of corruption against Jebediah Dex and Centauri.

2944-Centauri Agency announces ongoing negotiations with the Xi’An- Jebediah Dex shocks the business world again with the announcement of ongoing investigations to open up a new shipping lane with the Xi’An to open trade with the former enemy of the UEE. The UEE has not publicly commented on the proposed shipping lane.